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CV Axle Replacement Services

The CV axle transfers the rotating torque to the drive wheels of your car. They’re in constant velocity, hence the name CV. Also known as the driveshaft, your typical front-wheel-drive car will have two CV axles. Your car will have CV axles if it has independent suspension on its drive wheels, meaning that the wheels move independently of each other up and down on the road surface. The CV axle works by transferring the torque to the wheel that is constantly moving under angle. Because this part is constantly working and under stress, it may need to be replaced. During routine maintenance and oil changes, we inspect your car’s CV axle and will only recommend replacing it if there is a visual problem. Learn more about CV axles, how to tell if yours needs replacing, and how the team at Hillen Tire and Auto Service Tire Pros can help. Call today to book your appointment in Maryland.




Front axle with suspension and absorber.

When Should I Replace My CV Axle?

One of the most common reasons we replace CV axles is when the boot breaks. This allows the grease to leak out and is quite noticeable. Other reasons include excessive wear, damage, and rust. You notice a bad CV axle from a clicking noise while accelerating in turns. You’ll also hear a clunking or clacking noise when shifting between accelerating and decelerating. Other times it can be a side-to-side shaking during acceleration or vibration. All of these symptoms can mean different places of failure on your CV axle, and you should bring it in right away to replace it. Not to worry, though, replacing as you mostly will only need to replace one of the CV axles instead of both or all of them, depending on your vehicle.




Trust the Team With Experience

At Hillen Tire and Auto Service Tire Pros, we have years of experience working on a wide variety of cars. We understand what it takes to diagnose a broken CV axle and how to replace them quickly and efficiently, letting you get back on the road safely. Rattling, clicking, and other strange noises are never a good sign in your car. At the first notice of a strange noise listed above, give us a call. If left untreated, these issues can manifest into more severe repairs that can cost you more down the line.


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